Wu Lei introduced cloud training, not just completed alone

Wu Lei introduced “cloud training”, not just completed alone
Wu Lei introduced that the team will organize a video exchange meeting once a week. Picture / Social Media Wu Lei infected with the new coronavirus is currently in the recovery period, but his physical condition is recovering well.In the “Wu Lei Weekly Diary” released tonight, Wu Lei introduced the latest “cloud training” method.对于球迷们感兴趣的“球员在家怎么训练”,武磊介绍:“虽然是各自做好‘云训练’,但我们都不是单独完成的,体能教练每天都会监督大家同时进行,并在每周组织A video exchange meeting.”The physical fitness coach will use fitness software to record the training video and ask the team members to complete it in a controlled manner.Wu Lei revealed that training at home is no easier than usual: “We also need to record physical information ourselves and make reasonable targeted adjustments.So at this time, they can obviously realize the intentions of the coaches. They are studying various training forms and methods every day to ensure that we can complete systematic and scientific training at home.”It is worth mentioning that today is also the birthday of Wu Lei’s son. The Chinese striker lamented:” There is no way to prepare for any special event to celebrate for him during a special period. I personally found a special gift for him.The two little guys are extraordinarily clever, and will in turn care about me and their mother’s physical condition . In the past life, football seems to be all I have, and through this episode of life, I understand moreCherish everyone around you.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao editor Han Shuangming proofread Xue Jingning