Faced with the AFC Champions League’s Battle of Life and Death, Evergrande expressed no pressure

Faced with the AFC Champions League’s “Battle of Life and Death”, Evergrande expressed no pressure
Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) Like Shanghai Shanggang, Guangzhou Evergrande failed to win in the home game of the first round of the AFC Champions League quarter-finals. They will take a 0-0 first round away tomorrowChallenge Kashima Antlers.In today’s pre-match press conference, Evergrande coach Cannavaro said that despite the life-and-death battle, it is the greatest good for the team to have no pressure.After the first round of Evergrande and Kashima Antlers ended, Cannavaro commented that the 0-0 score is the best of all draws, and he is also outstanding today: “The score of the first game allows us to think on the roadTry to create trouble for the opponent. The opponent will definitely make more articles on defense after returning to home, because if we score a goal, they need to score two, which is our big advantage.Cannavaro came into play lightly.Picture / Visual China Kashima Antlers has been in a hot state recently, and the four fronts are completely impressive, not to mention tomorrow there will be a blessing from the “Home of the Devil”. This battle will definitely try its best.While striving to achieve its goals, Evergrande, who plays away, needs to guard carefully.Kashuai admitted that the team is not good at defending, “but we don’t have any pressure, and our goal this year is to switch between old and new.”Going to this point, there is no regret or fear of loss, so there is no result in this game that we cannot accept and cannot face.”The score of 0 to 0 in the first round makes the platoon formation of the two sides more like a psychological game. Evergrande without pressure can indeed gain more degrees of freedom than its opponents on this scale.